Buying a Home

 Building Inspectors

While buying a home can be both an exciting and a stressful time, my years of experience as a realtor will smooth the process  - and ensure that we find the right home.

Some items for you to consider are below:

Financing. A pre-approved mortgage takes a lot of the worry out of the process.  A Seller will look more seriously at an offer from a qualified buyer.

 CMHC Buyer's Checklist
 Home Owner's Protection
 Mortgage Calculator
 National Home Warranty
 Re/Max Buyer's Tips
Strata Property

Type of Property. Decide on the type of property that is best suited to your needs.

Research. Become familiar with the area.  If you have internet access I can set up a Private Client Search (PCS) which not only gives email notification on new listings that meet your criteria, but also permits viewing of those listing .

Agency/Commissions. Before the search for a new home begins, we will discuss my responsibilities toward you as a buyer, how the realtors are compensated for their work, and other client/agent related issues.

The Offer. In addition to the price and dates, your offer will contain a number of important conditions such as financing (even if you have a pre-approved mortgage), building inspection, etc.  These are designed to protect you.

Removing Those Conditions. All the conditions placed in the contract to protect you must be removed by you, in writing, prior to a date specified in the contract. Failure to do so usually results in the collapse of the contract. Once all subjects are removed, the contract becomes legally binding.

Post Subject Removals. If you have not already engaged a notary/lawyer now is the time to do so. Moving company, insurance on the new home, hydro, gas, cable, telephone, change of address are only some of the items needing your attention.

Enjoy your new home!